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Entrepreneurial relevance

The importance around the topic “Corporate Social responsibility”, short CSR, has increased significantly in recent years. We at Driversline also see that every company has a responsibility that must take effect for itself. This is not only about the classical technological development, i.e. that our company has to adapt itself technically to the times, but it is also about ethical and moral rethinking in the minds, which we at Driversline have to take up in a supportive way, because otherwise the loss of corporate acceptance in society is threatening. Numerous studies prove the value-creating effects of CSR and show, for example, that assuming social responsibility can have a positive impact on employer attractiveness, credibility, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, reputation and trustworthiness.

Loss of confidence in entrepreneurial activities

Various corporate scandals or the past financial crisis have led to a distancing from companies. The profit orientation of companies in particular is increasingly viewed critically and is often seen as the cause of socially undesirable effects of corporate value creation. Likewise, in the chain society – company – politics, the disenchantment with politics passes over to companies. We would like to change this for our company by showing that what we do is authentic and see it as a joint task to win back the trust of society and consequently also that of the customers.

CSR as a voluntary commitment

Many CSR definitions stand for voluntary commitments to social responsibility, which also generally reflects the interpretation of CSR. Accordingly, CSR takes the form of measures and activities that go beyond statutory requirements. The voluntary assumption of social responsibility can take place both within and outside the company’s own business activities. The term “inside” can be used, for example, to describe the promotion of work-life balance, preventive health offerings for employees, diversity programs, the use of regenerative resources or the avoidance of approved but problematic ingredients. Sponsoring and donations, on the other hand, are classic examples of “outside.” Voluntary acceptance of responsibility with regard to CSR is particularly popular due to its prosocial character. In this way, companies can visibly demonstrate that they support socially desirable goals on their own initiative. This is accompanied by good communicability of such commitments, so that they can also be used for marketing purposes.

Strategic management

The aim of strategic management is to ensure that a company acts in a more sustainable manner and does not focus exclusively on one-off success; in other words, decisions should be valid in the long term. We are now going through the transformation in a phase in which we are critically observing whether the respective decision taken is really the right solution. In the long term, it will then become clear whether it really is the right one, which ultimately means that we, as a traditional trade, must not shy away from it. We go along with the change and undertake this journey together with our customers. Even if, for example, a hybrid vehicle is not now fully recognized or rated as a success, it is, however, a first step and we at Driversline are not closing our minds to it.

Influence on as working climate

In the course of CSR measures, we offer our employees full development, they openly shape the emerging issues in our company. These measures promote the corporate culture, the internal interaction with each other, everyone supports each other and is more interested in exchanging ideas. Ultimately, our customers benefit from this transparency and mutual motivation.

Compliance, integrity and law

We are convinced that only those who act responsibly will remain successful in the long term.

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Promoting diversity and inclusion

Our goal is an appreciative and prejudice-free working environment.

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Behavioral Guideline

We can only be successful in the long run if we behave in the right way.

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Environmental protection

The path to emission-free and efficient mobility already begins today.

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