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Stress plays no role in our visit to our Free and Hanseatic City with our Limousine Service Bremen . Together with Bremerhaven, Bremen forms a so-called “two-city state” with 680,000 inhabitants. Both cities are located on the Weser, with Bremerhaven due to its geographical location located directly on the North Sea, has the larger port. There is also a cruise ship terminal to which or from which you can very conveniently use our limousine service.

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Culture that is fun

An annual highlight of the city is the Bremen Freimarkt. For almost 1,000 years, the biggest two months of the last two weeks of October have been held at two locations in the city for 17 days. Over 300 showmen with their rides, giant wheels and stalls provide a lot of fun. A medieval market with glassblowers, stonemasons, jugglers and blacksmiths working on an open fire make Bremen’s Freimarkt an event we like to chauffeur you with our limousine service.


Discover Bremen

Bremen has a very beautiful and well-preserved old town with the famous Böttcherstraße, the Schnoor quarter and a market square, the “Roland” and the town hall line, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Site. A landmark of the city-state are the bronze “Bremen Town Musicians” also standing on the market square, the figures of a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. With our Limousine Service Bremen and our chauffeurs we have the possibilities to bring you the most beautiful sites in private.


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The sporty side of the Hanseatic city

Sporting seen the Bremen football club Werder Bremen is certainly known to people who do not necessarily burn for this sport. At home, the games take place in the “Weserstadion”, which bears the name of the river on which both Bremen and Bremerhaven are located. Another major sporting event is the Bremen Six Days, also known as “Sixdays Bremen”. This – the name says it all – six-day cycle race takes place annually in January in the Stadthalle. These events are also a great way to get comfortably picked up and picked up by our chauffeur service.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment options do I have?

We offer the possibility to pay by credit card, invoice, PayPal or in cash.

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Which language does the chauffeur speak?

We have chauffeurs who speak German, English, Italian, Russian or Arabic. If desired, indicate the respective language.

What cancellation options do I have?

Airport transfers can be canceled up to 24 hours prior to pick-up. Further cancellations depend on the order volume.

How much waiting time is included?

15 minutes are included for regular pickups in Bremen and 60 minutes for airport transfers from Airport Bremen .


Can a stop be made?

A short stopover for a quick getaway on the way to the destination is of course possible with regular transfers, longer stops or detours can be arranged separately.

Can I contact the chauffeur before driving?

Yes, you will receive the contact details of your chauffeur one day before the start of your order.


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