Our health and safety standards at Driversline

Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

At Driversline, we take various measures to protect our passengers and, of course, our chauffeurs and employees as well.

For our new health and safety standards, we have adapted our operating procedures and take comprehensive safety measures to prevent infection – on every trip.

Preventive measures for infection protection

We have strengthened the following safety and hygiene measures as a preventive measure to protect our customers and employees from health risks:

Thorough disinfection of the vehicle

Before each journey, the interior of the vehicle is thoroughly disinfected, especially in the passenger area and in places that are frequently touched.

Disinfectant and mouth guard for passengers

We provide disinfectant and respirators for our guests in the vehicles.

Partition walls in the vehicles

All our vehicle classes can be equipped with a TÜV-compliant partition/partition guard as desired.

Our hygiene concept

For the greatest possible safety, our hygiene concept goes far beyond the legal requirements.

Mouthguard and gloves

Our drivers are required to wear FFP2 or FFP3 mouth protection and gloves while working.

Contactless boarding and alighting

In our Mercedes V-Classes and Sprinter, contactless entry and exit is possible through the electric doors.

Driving instead of flying: Comfortable, convenient and safe

For business travelers, the significantly reduced risk of infection due to our clean and always freshly cleaned vehicles, as opposed to public transportation, is an important aspect of arriving safely at their destination.

All Driversline chauffeurs are trained in the special protective measures associated with Covid-19 and ensure a particularly high standard of personal hygiene.

Safety distance in the vehicles

Our vehicles are disinfected particularly thoroughly after each passenger transport. The focus is on the sensitive areas on the vehicle – the door handles, the headrests and the like. In addition, a separating disc can be booked free of charge for each vehicle class.

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