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The classic limousine service

In increasingly hectic times, not least due to the inner-city traffic situation, the classic limousine service is becoming increasingly important. Whether in business or private matters, the comfort that an exclusive driving service of our kind offers cannot be compared. Use the time between the pick-up directly from the airport terminal, platform or hotel and your destination to calmly prepare for your appointment again or simply relax a little during your arrival.

Always available for you

Our limousine service office is there for you 24/7

Premium vehicles

From Mercedes Maybach to VIP Sprinter. The right limousine for every wish

Professional chauffeur

Your personal concierge in the car


Comfort right from the start

In our black limousines of the latest series, which are well equipped and equipped with every comfort, it will be easy to get you or your guests to your destination relaxed with amenities such as luggage service, check-in help, drinks and magazines on board. As a limousine service, we can also offer an exclusive pick-up option from the private plane at the GAT business aviation center, which makes changing between vehicles unnecessary.


Individual requests

Driversline Limousine Service has discrete, German and English speaking chauffeurs with excellent local knowledge, which allow exclusive city tours with or without a guide. As a result, it is also possible to respond to special customer requests. Whether it’s a recommendation or a reservation in a restaurant should be a specialty store for the forgotten dress shirt to be found in oversize – we are very well connected.


Year of experience

For 10 years we offer limousine service in the north


From the S-Class to the VIP Sprinter, our fleet covers every wish


Our chauffeurs are multilingual, professional and service oriented


Our office is available 24/7

Limousine service for every occasion

In addition to the limousines of different categories, you will find the vans of our Mercedes-Benz V-Class chauffeur service or the specially and luxuriously equipped Mercedes-Benz VIP Sprinters (8 passengers) the option of traveling comfortably in groups, or traveling time as a conference or To use the meeting. Our transport service is also happy to be used for sightseeing tours to other cities in northern Germany. However, we are the wrong contact for stretch limousines, also known as limos. We drive you up-to-date limousines like the Mercedes Benz S-Class or Mercedes-Maybach.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment options do I have?

We offer the option of paying by credit card, invoice, PayPal or in cash.

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Which language does the chauffeur speak?

We have chauffeurs who speak German, English, Italian, Russian or Arabic. If required, specify the respective language.

What cancellation options do I have?

Airport transfers can be canceled up to 24 hours before collection. Further cancellations are based on the order volume.

How long does the driver wait?

The driver waits 15 minutes for regular pick-ups, 30 minutes at the airports, everything else can be arranged separately.

Can a stop be made?

A really short stopover for a quick errand on the way to the destination is of course possible with regular transfers, longer stops or detours can be arranged separately.

Can I contact the chauffeur before driving?

The mobile phone number of your chauffeur can be given to you before departure if you wish.

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