Zero 2027.

Our path to sustainable and emission-free mobility

The path to emission-free and efficient mobility begins today. For the corporate strategies of Driversline GmbH, sustainability is an increasingly important element and at the same time a yardstick for entrepreneurial success. These strategies have many dimensions, but one of the crucial issues is our CO₂ footprint. At Driversline, we strive to meet the highest standards and our customers expect us to deliver not only fascinating but now also sustainable services. And so one of the key questions is also what we are doing to enable our customers to switch to climate-neutral mobility in the future and already now.

We aim to have a CO₂-neutral fleet in 6 years.

In our quest for CO₂-neutrality, the switch to the latest technologies is on the agenda. The fact that climate-neutral electricity and heat run through our company’s pipes is already part of the present, and with regard to our vehicle fleet, the market has been giving us the signals for some time now: Away from fossil fuels, towards e-mobility and hydrogen/fuel cells. Mercedes Benz supplies us with the most important vehicles for this and already now, and especially with regard to pure e-mobility, we are among the first in our industry to take this new path.

What are we doing to enable our customers to switch to climate-neutral mobility in the future?

We are already investing in the new technologies today, we are experiencing them and also implementing them intelligently. After all, sustainability must not mean sacrificing luxury! In the limousine segment in particular, our clientele attaches great importance to comfort. Therefore, there is no need for compromise solutions at the expense of the passengers. The successive expansion of our fleet with electrically powered luxury vehicles is part of the climate-neutral mobility of our customers. Hand in hand with this, we are investing in old and new structures such as IT, charging infrastructure and the promotion of regional climate projects.

We want our suppliers to follow this standard as well.

Our Zero 2027 program is at the forefront of our corporate structure. Of course, this also means that we hold our suppliers accountable accordingly. They should be authentically and transparently climate-neutral, and that doesn’t just apply to the suppliers of our vehicles, it already comes into play in the smaller things, from companies for our web design and web hosting, to building cleaning, to electricity providers.

What are our climate offset programs?

Already today, we can point to many things that lead our company to CO₂-neutrality. Of course, here are such companies as a climate-neutral electricity provider, which not only supplies the company building with green electricity, but also the charging stations for our e-vehicles. The vehicles with combustion engines are diesel Euro 6D classified. The resulting emissions are all offset by our fuel partner, so that every kilometer driven is CO₂-neutral in this area as well.

Compliance, integrity and law

We are convinced that only those who act responsibly will remain successful in the long term.

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Promoting diversity and inclusion

Our goal is an appreciative and prejudice-free working environment.

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Behavioral Guideline

We can only be successful in the long run if we behave in the right way.

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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Driversline is aware of its social responsibility.

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