Promoting diversity and inclusion

Driversline is certainly aware of its social responsibility – both the moral and ethical obligations that guide our sustainable development.
An essential point for us, is the commitment to equality.

A supportive working environment

Equality, equity and a harmonious coexistence of different nationalities and genders has always been an important and daily lived aspect in our company. The recognition and promotion of diversity and inclusion, the appreciation of all different employees is the basis to bring together multi-layered skills, perspectives and experiences and thus to improve the performance of our team and to constantly improve the service for our customers in order to be able to execute their wishes even more individually.

Our conviction

We pursue the fundamental idea that we can achieve the best performance as a company if our employees, with their different perspectives, can live the opportunity to be themselves. We are convinced that diversity of cultural and ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation and identity, mental and physical abilities, and individual living and working circumstances strengthens our company.

Promotion of the Pride movement

Since 1994, the state has been obliged by the Basic Law to ensure equal opportunities for men and women. Nevertheless, the creation of legal and actual equality policies is and remains a constant social challenge. This also applies to the concerns and interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI).

Especially Hamburg with “Hamburg Pride” as a superordinate association for lesbian-gay events such as Christopher Street Day (CSD) and various other events or the Lesbian-Gay Film Days Hamburg / International Queer Film Festival, requires to deal with each other in this environment on an equal footing.

Compliance, integrity and law

We are convinced that only those who act responsibly will remain successful in the long term.

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Environmental protection

The path to emission-free and efficient mobility already begins today.

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Behavioral Guideline

We can only be successful in the long run if we behave in the right way.

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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Driversline is aware of its social responsibility.

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