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Accessibility at Driversline

In recent years, the development of technologies has also offered people with disabilities many new possibilities to make certain processes easier for them. Our company is also constantly working to implement solutions that provide this group with greater mobility and independence. Accessibility does not only refer to people who are walking or moving disabled, it also includes the visually and hearing impaired. And thus, accessibility already starts with the homepage. Accordingly, we strive to successively meet specifications and requirements for barrier-free web design (BITV)

Cashless payment transactions

The options for cashless payment at Driversline refer to credit or debit card, Apple Pay, payment link via SMS or eMail or, if applicable, invoicing.

Journeys on demand

Through our website it is possible to book trips without having to call the order desk. This helps especially the hearing impaired.


The order can be accepted by phone, by SMS or by email.

Mobility disability

Our different classes of vehicles allow for upright entry and exit, and in addition, electrically adjustable seats allow for the greatest possible comfort and various customization options to meet different needs.

Passengers who need assistance

Of course, if you wish, we can assist you with checking in at the airport, boarding or disembarking from the train at the station, as well as generally carrying your luggage and getting in and out of our vehicles.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions about accessibility? We are constantly trying to improve the most important touchpoints for our users. Please email us at


We act responsibly, respecting the rules.


We address issues openly and stand for transparency.


Fairness and respect are the basis for our cooperation.